Genomics academy/Molecular Biology Lab

Instituto Politécnico Nacional, CIIDIR, Unidad Durango

Dr. Carlos Galaviz Hernández


Instituto Politécnico Nacional, CIIDIR-Durango



Academy of Genomics

Molecular Biology

Research lines

  • Identification of genetic markers related to preeclampsia development either in the mother and father.
  • Identification of genetic markers related to metabolism and transport of drugs in placenta in pregnant women.
  • Evaluation of placental transporters and its relationship with ponderal alterations metabolic disorders in newborns.
  • Genetics of indigenous populations.

Major equipment available

  • End point PCR thermocyclers for genotyping.
  • StepOne, Real time PCR thermocycler for genotyping.
  • StepOne, Real time PCR thermocycler for gene expression.
  • ABI Prism 310, nucleic acids automated sequencer.

Techniques available

  • General techniques of Molecular Biology.
  • SNP Genotyping through RFLP, TaqMan probe and sequencing.
  • Microsatellites evaluation through fragment analysis.
  • Gene expression evaluation through real time PCR with TaqMan probes.

General interest of collaboration

We aimed to share biological samples, to complement techniques and expertise with other research groups to obtain stronger final products and to facilitate researchers and students exchange

Financial support

Each member of our group has a fixed financial support yearly to accomplish previously submitted and approved research projects by the Instituto Politécnico Nacional. Depending of the project, it is possible to use some of the money for transporting samples.

Publication list

List here up to 5 most important publications, which represents your main scientific interest

  • The paternal polymorphism rs5370 in the EDN1 gene decreases the risk of preeclampsia. Galaviz-Hernandez C, Arámbula-Meraz E, Medina-Bastidas D, Sosa-Macías M, Lazalde-Ramos BP, Ortega-Chávez M, Hernandez-García L. Pregnancy Hypertens. 2016 Oct;6(4):327-332.
  • Association of the intronic polymorphism rs12540874 A>G of the GRB10 gene with high birth weight. González-Renteria SM, Sosa-Macías M, Rodríguez-Moran M, Chairez-Hernández I, Lares-Aseff IA, Guerrero-Romero F, Galaviz-Hernández C. Early Hum Dev. 2014 Oct;90(10):545-8.
  • SLC41A1 is the only magnesium responsive gene significantly overexpressed in placentas of preeclamptic women. Kolisek M, Galaviz-Hernández C, Vázquez-Alaniz F, Sponder G, Javaid S, Kurth K, Nestler A, Rodríguez-Moran M, Verlohren S, Guerrero-Romero F, Aschenbach JR, Vormann J. Hypertens Pregnancy. 2013 Nov;32(4):378-89.
  • CYP450 Genotype/Phenotype Concordance in Mexican Amerindian Indigenous Populations-Where to from Here for Global Precision Medicine? de Andrés F, Sosa-Macías M, Ramos BPL, Naranjo MG, LLerena A. OMICS. 2017 Sep;21(9):509-519.
  • Pharmacogenetics and ethnicity: relevance for clinical implementation, clinical trials, pharmacovigilance and drug regulation in Latin America. Sosa-Macías M, Teran E, Waters W, Fors MM, Altamirano C, Jung-Cook H, Galaviz-Hernández C, López-López M, Remírez D, Moya GE, Hernández F, Fariñas H, Ramírez R, Céspedes-Garro C, Tarazona-Santos E, LLerena A. Pharmacogenomics. 2016 Oct 28. [Epub ahead of print].