• Enrique Guzmán-Gutiérrez.



Universidad de Concepción



Pregnancy diseases Laboratory.

Research lines

  • Main focus of my laboratory is understanding the role of thyroid hormones in pregnancies diseases, in particular gestational diabetes mellitus.
  • Our scientific production has used maternal plasma blood obtained during pregnancy, human placenta (trophoblast culture) and fetal plasma blood.

Major equipment available

  • Cell culture room full equipped; Microscopy (inverse, fluorescent); Equipment for cellular and molecular biology (PCR, Western blot, immunocytochemistry).

Techniques available

  • Available techniques are isolation and primary culture of HUVEC and trophoblast Biological techniques include RT-PCR, qPCR, Western  blot, siRNA, etc.

General interest of collaboration

  • Fully open to collaborate in vascular placental physiology and pregnancy pathologies.

Financial support

  • FONDECYT initiation investigation 11170710 (2017-2020)
    Principal Investigator (2017-11 / 2020-10). Maternal Thyroid Profile characterization during pregnancy: Association with gestational diabetes, altered thyroid metabolism in placenta and neonatal thyroid profile.
    Principal Investigator (2018-01 / 2019-12). Strengthening of the cooperation network for the study of vascular disorders associated with pregnancy disorders in Latin America. University of Concepción.
  • CORFO 17CTEBI-83482 (2018) Principal Investigator (2018-01 / 2018-12). Expression of isoforms of the insulin receptor and its association with canine mammary neoplasms in the Biobio region. San Sebastián University.
  • FONDEF ID16I10221 (2017-2018) Researcher (2017-01 / 2018-07). Development of Optoelectronic Biosensors and Correlation Algorithms to quantify the spectrum emitted by gold nanoparticles that detect the presence of residues of antibiotics in raw milk. San Sebastián University. Director: Dr. Sergio Torres, University of Concepción.
  • DIUSS 2016-0011-GI (2017-2018) Principal Investigator (2017-03 / 2018-12). Effect of Cotinine on endothelial dysfunction observed in pregnancies with preeclampsia. San Sebastian University.
  • CORFO 2016-67535 (2017) Principal Investigator (2017-01 / 2017-08). Detection of miRNA as a predictor of gestational diabetes in the commune of Hualqui, Biobio Region. San Sebastián University.
  • CONICYT-Regional VCE-40000005 (2015-2016)
    Researcher (2015-03 / 2016-02). Development of a model of scientific linkage with the agro-alimentary business sector cattleman of the Biobío to address the animal health problem through the implementation of innovations and biotechnological solutions. San Sebastián University.
  • CONICYT-Thesis Support 24120945 (2012-2014)
    Principal Investigator (2012-08 / 2014-07). Regulation of L-arginine transport by insulin via hCAT-1 involves differential activation of subtypes A and B insulin receptors and adenosine receptors in HUVEC. Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

Publication list

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