Physiology and biochemistry research group – PHYSIS


  • Raul Narvaez-Sanchez, MD PhD.




University of Antioquia



PHYSIS Laboratory – Faculty of Medicine – University of Antioquia, Colombia.

Research lines

  • Characterization of mechanisms for vascular reactivity and angiogenesis capacity of arteries irrigating cancer (nowadays colon cancer; coming soon, lung cancer too).
  • Striated muscle physiology and its relationship with metabolic syndrome in general population (coming soon, pregnant population too).
  • Design and test of devices for noninvasive measurement of vascular reactivity in humans (in association with bioengineering groups).
  • Exercise consequences and mechanisms in elite athletes and metabolic syndrome patients. Coming, in pregnant women too.

Major equipment available

  • Organ bath and system for dose-response studies in small and medium vessels.
  • Zeiss inverted fluorescence microscope coupled to a camera and a patch-clamp set up for electrophysiology studies.
  • Normoxic and hypoxic chamber, laminar flux hood and refrigerated centrifuge, for cell and explants culture.
  • Western blot set.
  • Isolated heart and skeletal muscle system.
  • Access to X-ray dual absorptiometer, ultracentrifuge, 3T Siemens Skyra for resonance studies, Real Time qPCR, cryostat and cycloergometer.

Techniques available

  • Isolated organ bath.
  • Histochemistry.
  • Immunohistochemistry.
  • Electrophoresis.
  • Fluorescence microscopy.
  • Cellular electrophysiology.
  • Magnetic resonance spectroscopy.
  • X-ray dual absorptiometry.
  • Excitation-contraction coupling in skeletal muscle and heart, fiber types, muscle fatigue.
  • Non-invasive intramuscular absolute carnosine quantification in humans by Magnetic Resonance Spectrometry using a flexible coil.
  • Gene and protein expression and co-localization in vessel wall.
  • Angiogenesis in cultured cells.
  • Exercise tests and interventions.

General interest of collaboration

  • Aimed to help our patients and to obtain better scientific products, we send and accept students, samples and proposals in transparent and proactive collaboration. In addition we want to propose new collaborative projects for international grants.

Financial support

  • Colciencias, CODI-UdeA, Convocatoria Interinstitucional Facultad de Medicina-IPS Universitaria UdeA, Banco de la República de Colombia. Each support is achieved through proposals.

Publication list

  1. Ferrero E, (…), Narvaez-Sanchez R, et al. Response to Endothelin-1 in arteries from human colorectal tumours: role of endothelin receptors. Experimental Biology and Medicine 2008; 233: 1480-1481.
  2. Estrada M, Vega G, Reyngoudt H, Ricaurte G, Cardona O, Gallo J, Narvaez-Sanchez R, Calderon J. Intramuscular absolute carnosine quantification in young athletes by 1H-MRS using a flexible coil. Skeletal Radiology 2016 vol:45 fasc: 7 págs: 1023
  3. Aristizabal J, Barona J, Gonzalez L, Deossa Restrepo G, Estrada A. Fatty acid content of plasma triglycerides may contribute to the heterogeneity in the relationship between abdominal obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome. Metabolic Syndrome And Related Disorders 2016 vol:14 fasc: 6 págs: 311 - 317, DOI:10.1089/met.2015.0168
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